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Clay Lime Plaster - Clime

Experience the Beauty of Clay Lime Plaster

Enriched with raw earth ingredients like unfired clay, natural hydraulic lime, and crushed recycled marble, the Clay Lime Plaster is a an eco-friendly offer with low embodied carbon. Combining clay and lime as a natural binder ensures longevity, with a mere 2mm build-up, minimizing resource extraction and transportation.


We've prioritized natural, sustainable materials to create aesthetically pleasing, eco-conscious wall finishes. Our unique Clay Lime Plaster, blending clay and lime, enhances strength and durability while maintaining breathability and humidity control. Plus, it can be sealed naturally with olive oil-based soap, avoiding synthetic sealers.

Transform your walls with Clime, our responsibly developed wall finishes. Achieve beautiful matte stone surface finishes while minimising your environmental impact. 


  • Seamless, hand applied finish

  • Durable

  • Breathable

  • Zero VOC 

  • Absorbs toxins from the air

  • Promotes good health and wellbeing for occupants

  • Helps regulate humidity

  • Perfect for busy interiors

  • Biodegradable

  • Low embodied carbon

  • Recycled content: 75%

  • Recyclable

  • Natural mineral material

  • Mould and mildew resistant

  • Colour matching available

Sustainable, Natural & Resilient

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