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Ma tau wai tactite paints 2_edited_edited.jpg
Tactite - brushing - white


Our unique designs and finishes can be tailored to fit any client's unique vision, adding personality and sophistication to every space. Our products are created with the highest quality materials, ensuring a finish that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, making Lezard the ultimate choice for luxury surface finishes.

Ma Tau Wai Road, Hong Kong    |    2018    |    82sm    |     Staircase Cladding

Lezard is known for its luxury surface finishes that transform any space into a work of art. We recently completed a project for an exclusive clubhouse, where we used our bespoke finishes to add a relaxing and elegant touch that residents could enjoy.


Not only is our water-based Tactite Paint anti-fungal, anti-scratch, and anti-bacterial, but they are also so flexible that almost any pattern can be created. In our project in Ma Tau Wai, we have seamlessly painted straight grain patterns on the stairs. This seemingly trivial detail brings the stairs to life. When viewed from underneath, Lezard's artisan paint has made the newel post of the stairs much more dynamic, resembling the trunk of a tree growing from the ground.

Tactite - brushing - white_edited.jpg

Decorative Paint

Tactite (BESPOKE)
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