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PL Orange (dining wall) - 3537A Restaurant holiday inn_edited_edited.jpg
Perlata - bronze_edited.jpg
Osteria Ristorante Italiano 


Our perlata finish was used in a popular Italian restaurant located in Holiday Inn Golden Mile since 2009. Serving classic seafood dishes, stone-baked pizzas, homemade pasta and gelato, Perlata created a luxurious and inviting environment for this hearty restaurant. Our relaxed and welcoming interior finish makes dining at this restaurant an experience to remember.

Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong, an IHG Hotel, Hong Kong    |    2009 & Refurbished in 2022    |    30sm   |    Wall 

Through the use of Perlata, Lezard has created truly breathtaking finishes for walls and other interior spaces. Our surfaces provide a luxurious touch that immediately elevates any environment.


Back in 2009, Perlata was applied to the walls of Osteria, an Italian restaurant in a renowned hotel. More than 13 years later, Perlata has only undergone a slight color alteration. Rather than needing major repairment, we simply reapplied the same color to refresh the interior. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality surface finishes. Our Perlat finish is low VOC and fire rated, making it a safe and stylish choice for any interior, especially for busy interiors. It's also scrub resistant and can be repaired without leaving noticeable marks. Take a look at our recently refurbished projects using Perlat below.

Perlata - bronze_edited.jpg

Decorative Paints

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