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Repulse Bay

Lezard offers luxurious and elegant surface finishes that will make your home interior stand out. From our Golden Charm series to our bespoke Venetian plaster, our unique finishes showcase the highest level of craftsmanship. Explore our 2021 project and discover how Lezard can elevate your space to new heights of sophistication.

Location:  Hong Kong 

Completion Year:  2021

Area:  Curved Wall Panel, Door Arch Decor, Dome Ceiling, Staircase Wall

Total Qty: 74sm

Our team of experts at Lezard specializes in creating bespoke, high-end finishes for clients who demand quality. A wide range of products were chosen from our signature Golden Charm series for this project, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the client's interior. Our gold leaf finishes are particularly popular with designers who want to create a luxurious ambiance

We proudly offer bespoke Venetian Plaster finishes that provide a marble-like effect, exuding luxury. A beautifully detailed staircase with a horizontal pattern. Take a look at our featured projects to see how our finishes can make a statement in any environment.

Alloy leaf Gold Random (Ceiling Dome) - 2275C Residential (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Golden Charm 

Alloy Leaf 

VHP Bespoke STR.jpeg

Venetian Plaster

Bespoke Plaster

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