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Resin Art Panel – Y Hotel - Hotel Lobby - Wall – Gold & Black_edited_edited.jpg


Y Hotel

Lezard has been at the forefront of delivering bespoke surface finishes to clients around the world. Recently, we worked on a modern hotel in a bustling city location. Our Travertine finish was selected for the lobby area, while a bespoke resin finish was used for the entrance, creating a lively and vibrant interior. We take pride in delivering unique and innovative solutions to all our projects.

Location:  Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Completion Year:  2022

Area:  Entrance & Lobby Wall 

Lezard is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality surface finishes. Our unique directional stone-like finish creates a modern and welcoming environment that is perfect for any project. We have worked on several successful projects, including one where our stunning travertine was used extensively in the hotel lobby area. 

We are known for our artistic sense when it comes to luxury surface finishes. Our recent project for Y hotel entrance area demonstrates our ability to create an extraordinary first impression. The Resin Art Panel is uniquely crafted on-site to reflect the essence of the environment. See for yourself how Lezard can elevate your space.

Resin Art Panel – Y Hotel - Hotel Lobby - Wall – Gold & Black_edited.jpg


Resin Art Panel

TR (9)_edited.jpg

Venetian Plaster


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