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Stone Paint

Decorative Paint

Featuring stone chips and glitters that creates a natural, stone finish that is both modern and urban.

Adding an extra layer of depth and dimension,
Stonepaint is also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

This series of water-based paint, enhanced with stone chips, glimmer, glitter, and carefully selected additives, all meticulously crafted to achieve stunning and enduring stone-like effects.


This exceptional series combines lightweight composition with exceptional durability and effortless cleaning, making it an ideal choice for commercial interiors and high-traffic public areas. With its unique take on creating inviting spaces, this simple yet natural series also adds a touch of charm to domestic environments, offering a perfect harmony between comfort and style.


  • Seamless, hand applied finish

  • Wide Range of Colours to create stone-like effect

  • Low VOC

  • Lightweight & Easy to Apply

  • Washable & Scrubbable

  • Fire Rate Class A

  • Water-based decorative paint

  • Extremely durable 

  • Method of application: 

  • Brushing ​

  • Stamping

Adding a touch of texture and style to any interior
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