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Venetian Plaster


A highly polished marble stucco finish stands out for its remarkable depth and sheen. It is an ideal choice to create an elegant and stylish ambiance. 

Using only the best materials and techniques.

A classically luxurious marble stucco plaster finish.

Discover the timeless luxury of Spatulata, a highly polished marble stucco finish that exudes class and sophistication. Crafted from aged lime putty and crushed marble, this superfine, high gloss finish boasts an exquisite non-directional pattern.

Our skilled applicators meticulously apply Spatulata in multiple fine layers then trowel polished to a glossy or semi-glossy surface, possessing remarkable depth and sheen. The result is a finish with remarkable depth and sheen, leaving a lasting impression of luxury.


  • Seamless, hand applied finish

  • Wide range of colours, available from Matte to High Gloss

  • Fire rated
    ASTM E84: Class 1
    - EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009: A2 – S1, D0

  • Zero VOC 
    - Indoor Air Comfort Gold: Pass
    - BREEAM International v2.0 (2016):  Exemplary Level
    - ASTM D2369: <1
    - LEED v4 + v4.1 BETA: Pass

  • Durable

  • Breathable

  • Natural mineral material

  • Mold and mildew resistant 

  • 1.5mm thickness

Adding a touch of timeless luxury to your interior

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