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White SSA (Mall Wall) - H&M causeway bay (2)_edited.jpg
SSA Light grey_edited.jpg
H&M, Fashion Walk 


At Lezard, we specialize in creating bespoke artistic paint finishes for luxurious interiors. Our recent project involved designing elegant and unique surfaces for a restaurant that serves European cuisine. The result is a stunning and sophisticated space that perfectly complements the cuisine and ambience of the establishment.

Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong    |    2015    |    Walls - Throughout (3-storey)

The H&M flagship store in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay opened its doors in 2015. Situated in the heart of the bustling area, the 3-storey store spans an impressive 47,000 square feet. The walls are adorned with our durable Spatulata, which has held up remarkably well over the years. The upper wall area remains in excellent condition, with no major repair work required by the client.

Spatulata, our luxurious finish made with aged lime putty and crushed marble. Our skilled applicators use a unique technique to create a glossy, deep finish with each trowel. Spatulata is a timeless finish that adds elegance to any interior. Experience the beauty of Spatulata in your next project.

SSA Light grey_edited.jpg

Venetian Plaster

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